Our strategic Digital Marketing services

Online Branding & Social Media Strategy

We all start as strangers. Online, you’ve got but a few seconds to capture the viewer’s attention and become memorable. You need a unique brand voice to stand out and a coherent social media strategy. We’ll help you shape your brand positioning to create impact: enhance your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), develop your visual branding assets (logo, moodboard, typographies, colour palette…), do bechmarking and online research and define specific content territories for your social networks that will develop your storytelling.

“We’ve just met on the Internet. What makes your brand and products stand out? Why should I give you my hard-earned money or my time and attention in a sea of digital possibilities?” Online selling is a lot like dating. It’s not only about who you are, but about what others perceive about you. It’s about creating true connections with the right people and moving forward with the right timing. Don’t put up with being generic.
Be memorable.

In the beginning, there was TV. TV was the first media to create mass exposure for brands in a way no one dared to dream before. That is, if you were lucky enough to have a huge budget to spend on advertising. Luckily, Internet has democratized the access for every brand to big although extremely targeted audiences.

Social Media Ad Campaigns (SMM)

Social Ads Campaigns on all the major social networks (Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, Linkedin Ads). Traffic campaigns, sales campaigns, remarketing campaigns, lead capture campaigns and funnel creation.

Social Ads are a very powerful targeting tool for marketers. They help you find new audiences that are very interested in what you have have to offer or are similar to the customers you already have. You can also get in touch again with those who already visited your website (remarketing) and generate brand loyalty.

Google Adwords Campaigns (SEM)

Google Adwords, Display, remarketing and Youtube Ad Campaigns.

Google Adwords reach customers who already have the intent to purchase products and services like yours.(/the ones you offer?) They are actively searching for them. We help you get a cost-effective introduction.

SEO Basics & SEO Copywriting

We audit your On Page SEO and your Off page SEO. We help you to position your business at a local SEO level. We study your your more relevant keywords and provide you with English – Spanish SEO Copywriting for your website (along with French and Italian translations) so you are more discoverable organically.

You don’t want just paid visitors to your website but SEO algorithms seem tricky. Are you sure you have the basics covered? There’s a lot of people who is organically interested in your content, don’t miss the chance to connect with them.

Bilingual Online Content Creation

We craft English, Spanish and Italian social posts, social photography content (lifestyle, flatlays, travel, food photography…) and social video content. All of it, alligned with your Social Media Strategy and unique brand voice.

There are two kinds of digital content: The one that basically fills in space and the one that has something to say to those you desire to attract. Which one is more likely to grab the attention of your already busy target audience? (with a short attention span). Every message that doesn’t contribute to build your storytelling, dilutes your brand strenght and makes for a bland brand.